Rolling hills and misty plantations, the town of Munnar in “God’s own Country” — Kerala, truly cast a spell on me.

I’m grateful to have stayed at Blanket Hotel & Spa, Munnar which is situated near the mesmerising Attukad Waterfalls. Blanket Hotel & Spa offers everything you’d look for in a luxurious property.

Infinity pool? Check!

Bathtub with a waterfall view? Check!

Ayurvedic Kerala Spa? Check!

Delicious Kerala food? Check!

Warm hospitality? Check!

Great things to do in and around the hotel? Check!

Blanket hotel surely ticked all the right boxes for me.

You can watch the full video of my experience by clicking here.

However if you’re looking to visit Munnar, I wouldn’t recommend March – April as it’s extremely hot during the day. The mornings however were very pleasant in Mid March when I visited and well, the breathtaking views made up for the heat 😁

On my first day in Munnar, I explored the town on a cycle provided by Blanket Hotel and rode through the panoramic tea plantations to the lovely Attukad waterfalls located very close to the hotel.

On my second day, I chose to be lazy and just enjoy the beauty of Munnar from the comfort of my room with a steaming cup of tea. However, I did manage to squeeze in an early morning session of yoga that is organised by Blanket hotel every morning.

In the evening, I visited the scenic eucalyptus forest surrounding the Kundala dam lake in Munnar. I got some stunning photos here as the location was just too pretty.

I’d recommend taking it slow and just enjoying the town of Munnar by walking around and taking in the views rather than trying to tick off all the touristy spots from the massive list provided by your tour guide πŸ˜‚

If you visit in Spring and explore a bit, you will find these gorgeous Jacaranda trees on the way to Marayur from Munnar. I couldn’t resist so we stopped the car and got some pictures with these blooming beauties.

Getting to the travel bit, I took a flight from Goa to Kochi which wasn’t very expensive as I booked a month in advance and we got a taxi from Kochi to Munnar which cost around 6,000 rupees round trip and included sight seeing.

As much as I enjoyed this trip I’d really love to visit this place in the monsoon or in the winter( December- January).

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Stay in the Blanket was heart touching.Behaviour and attitude of the Staff in Blanket is worthwhile. Dinner and Breakfast there was fantastic.The scenic beauty around the Blanket is tremendous.I would like to visit and stay in Blanket again.I definitely convey this Blanket


Yes that’s so true! The staff and service is impeccable πŸ™‚ I hope you have a lovely time in beautiful Munnar!

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