Florals in winter may seem odd to some, but for me winter is just another excuse to bring out my all time favorite florals. There are a few things to keep in mind, while selecting what kind of florals you should wear during winter.

You don’t want to look like you’re heading to Hawaii for a summer vacay, so look for dark moody colors like blacks, greys and blues. For a winter ready look make sure your floral outfit complements the dull & chilly weather outside.

Don’t go overboard with your accessories and keep them minimal. For a winter bohemian look I would go with a chunky silver ring and a dainty silver neckpiece.

To complete the look, put on those sexy thigh high boots which are ruling this season. But if you stay in Goa like me, you know that winters here are almost non-existent. So instead of burning a hole in your pocket and investing in expensive boots you can try this simple trick to create an illusion of thigh high boots. All you need are black thigh high socks, I got mine from shein.com and you can pair them with black ankle booties for that perfect illusion.

Go ahead, look winter ready and effortlessly bohemian!

Bohemian floral dress- Forever 21

Thigh high socks- SheIn

Ankle suede booties- Forever 21

Photographer – Nikhil Wakkar (@jpniks on IG)

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